Diploma in Genealogy

Our diploma will get you on the road to practicing as a genealogist.

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This diploma is accredited by University College Cork (in Ireland) and is offered in conjunction with its Centre for Adult Continuing Education. It is a traditional course currently offered on-line and it is specifically tailored for adult learners wishing to obtain third level qualification in history of family and ancestry research. It is a two year programme at NFQ level 7.

This course offers the participant the opportunity to engage in an interdisciplinary study of the past, while developing genealogical research skills. The course comprises field trips to archives, interdisciplinary training, supervision of written essays and a creating portfolio on topics of your choice.

The diploma  comprises a three-hour class commitment once each week, over two years (also currently available on-line). Students may rank their preferences according to a series of morning or afternoon slots, in an initiative specifically designed to suit the active-retired, part-time employed and unemployed adult learner.


Further information on this course is available from Dr David J. Butler, at d.butler@ucc.ie or IARC at info@irisharc.org

Enrollment for the Diploma in Genealogy is now open for the academic year 2024-2025.