Trace Your Family Ancestry

Initial Assessment.

Every family research project is unique and is defined by the context and circumstance of the family line being researched. Therefore, we ask those embarking on their Irish genealogy research project to fill in a simple form to enable us to judge likely outcomes, prior to commissioning a full research project.

Research the Archives

Searching the Archives

Click RESEARCH FORM and complete it. We will review the completed form and confirm that an initial research approach is feasible.

The initial assessment will have explored the feasibility of research by identifying sources of potential relevance for your family history and will have highlighted the next steps in your research objectives. The initial assessment can also be used in the planning of a research trip to Ireland, i.e. to prepare a travel itinerary based around the initial findings. You will, in every instance, be given advice on the research possibilities presented by the information you provided.


Research Payment (Specify amount)