Commissioned Research

When you have enough information to get started on a search for your ancestors or you have a specific research query that you would like to have carried out, then a ‘commissioned research’ package is suitable.

To order commissioned research please click RESEARCH FORM  and complete it.  We will review the completed form and respond to you with the research plan and costings.

Old Records.

Old Records.

IARC will build a profile of your ancestors by examining original documents and microfilm copies from the relevant archives, using libraries, and sources such as the National Library of Ireland, the General Register Office (GRO), Parish and local history sources etc.

The cost of this option is based on an hourly rate of €75 per research hour and a minimum charge of 3 hours is required. Costs for copies of certificates etc. are additional but typically do not add significantly to research costs. Where the project requires a greater number of hours of research and associated work then IARC will agree the research plan and forecast time input with the client before proceeding.

Every project will have a detailed report with analysis of the genealogical data uncovered. All relevant documents will be attached to the report. The research report will also contextualise your family story by linking it to wider events of the various time periods covered in the research project. The report will be delivered to the client by email or by post as per client wishes.

Note: In terms of all our research you understand that IARC can make no guarantees regarding what information, if any, may be found. Any conclusions will be based on the weight of available evidence. The availability of information varies from area to area, and as such, every genealogical query may not get resolved.