Professional Genealogy Training

IARC aims to cater for all those with an interest in genealogy and family history research. In order to facilitate all levels of interest from hobbyist to professional we have developed courses designed to suit all needs.

Genealogy Workshops  in partnership with University of Limerick (UL).

Seeking to improve your knowledge of family history and genealogy? Then this new weekly workshop lecture series is for you. Plus, a CPE Certificate from UL.  These workshops take place are subject to demand and take place at UL or UCC.

There are no plans to run Workshops at this time.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) – Certificate in Family History from UL. If you sign up for the full 10 lectures and complete the course assessment then you will be awarded a “CPE  – Certificate in Family History” from the University of Limerick.

To enrol, contact IARC,  web:


For more information on these courses or to talk to us about developing a customised training package for you or your group please contact