Workshop Topics

IARC Genealogy Workshops.


Lecture Topics:

Session 1. Introduction to Genealogy and Irish Genealogical Sources.
Session 2. Census 1901 and 1911, and other selected online resources.
Session 3 ‘Census Substitutes’ – Primary (Griffith’s) Valuation and Tithe Applotment.
Session 4. Genealogy & Computers – web sites, Software & Apps, managing your data.
Session 5. Irish Mapping from a Genealogical Perspective.
Session 6. Building your Family Tree.
Session 7. Introduction to 17th and 18th Century Sources.
Session 8. The Registry of Deeds and Parliamentary Papers.
Session 9. Using Newspapers for Genealogical Research, Parish Records at NLI.
Session 10. Codes and Ethics in Genealogy.

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